Jim Higgins

June 30, 1953 – November 18, 2010

This page is dedicated to James T. Higgins, founder of MuniDeals, LLC.   We all knew him by Jim and couldn’t help but love his Irish roots and his contagious laugh.   One of his favorite quotes was “What’s the sense in being Irish if you can’t do something stupid once in a while.”   Jim and his brother, Jay Higgins, started MuniDeals, LLC in the summer of 2004.   Jim headed up many successful businesses and much of his success was due to his optimistic character and creative nature.  

In 1987, he opened a litigation support company called American Reprographic Systems, Inc. (ARS) together with Tom Reardon of Reardon Parshall.   Within a few years, Jim bought out Tom Reardon and ARS continued to operate until 2007.   During this time, he also acquired a trademark and patent on an automated numbering system used for numerically numbering legal documents.   The company was called DocuTag and was a buzz word in the legal industry.

In 2007, Jim could forsee the downturn in the litigation support business and decided to focus all his efforts on making MuniDeals.com a successful company.   He created and developed, with the help of a programmer, the MuniDeal’s website.   With a background in financial printing (Pandick Technologies, Charles P. Young and Reardon Parshall), Jim knew what the customer was looking for and what they needed from a financial printer.  

With Jim’s wisdom, proactive sense of the market and the company’s high level of technically sound equipment, MuniDeals.com became the first qualified portal for the municipal bond market.   A qualified portal was defined as a website that allowed users to see official statements online, offered hard copies of the statements to users who requested them, hyperlinked to EMMA and allowed users to search for an issue by CUSIP.   Jim had anticipated the move by the federal regulators to shift toward a paperless filing mechanism and had all ready set up his company to meet these requirements.   A few minor changes and MuniDeals was leading the way in the financial printing industry.

In 2009, after 5 years in business, the company was enjoying much success.   Jim felt like MuniDeals finally made it and was on its way to becoming a very profitable company.   By the end of that year, tragedy hit and Jim was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.   His optimistic nature had him fighting until the end which came exactly 1 year from the date of his diagnosis.   He passed away on November 18, 2010 with his brother and partner by his side.

Jim was loved and is missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him either personally or professionally.   Our goal at MuniDeals is to continue his success and keep MuniDeals a well known name in the public finance industry.   Although Jim’s battle for his life was not won, we are hoping to help others with their courageous fight for life.   10% of all profits from MuniDeals will be donated to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.   St. Jude’s is a pediatric cancer research and treatment center where no child is ever denied care because of the family’s inability to pay.    Your business helps us to help others.   We thank you!