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Customer Service

Why Us?......

We offer you peace of mind.   Once we receive your file, we will work with you closely until the project is complete.   Your project manager will ensure timely delivery.  We will do whatever it takes to help you meet your deadline - even at the 11 th hour.   Only one or two employees will work with you from start to finish, providing clear, linear communication – it’s nice to know who you are working with.

Our unique business model allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to the table and makes us fiercely competitive. How?  Industry association memberships connect us with municipal finance professionals across the country.   We access this brain trust of resources regularly to utilize the most up to date information and technology so we can offer the best printing services at the most competitive costs.  Online posting and search capabilities further enhance our ability to meet your needs.

Our Customer Service Team and production resources are second to none.   We provide:

Fast and Reliable PDF Composition and Proofs

Bookmarking, Page Thumbnails, and Search Function for all Preliminary and Official Statements

eMail Notification using our iStatement

Hosting on our website

Value Pricing

Our personal and punctilious service is what separates us from our competition.   Our team is devoted and takes a vested interest in their work and our customers.   Our staff is dedicated to providing the best service and superior results because we truly care about our company and our clients.

When is the Customer Notified….

With today’s flood of information and emails, MuniDeals will only notify you if absolutely necessary.   We will send an email confirmation to let you know that the electronic distribution has been sent.   Further contact will only be conducted if delivery issues cause the necessity.