About MuniDeals.com

MuniDeals.com provides the municipal finance professional a wealth of easy to use services.   We utilize powerful information technology to assemble and distribute Official Statements.   You can choose from a menu of services to better suit your specific offering needs.  

  • Electronic Distribution of Official Statements
  • Qualified Portal
  • Electronic Distribution Options
  • Printing of Preliminary and Official Statements
  • Other Services

How it Works…….

Electronic Distribution of Official Statements

  1. eMail your file to info@munideals.com
  2. We accept most file types and will convert them to PDF.
  3. Let us know who in the working group should receive the proof.
  4. In an hour or less, a proof will be sent.
  5. Decide upon changes, confirm via email and review any additional versions until a final draft is approved.
  6. Electronic Distribution will take place within an hour of sign off.
  7. Access to the Preliminary or Official Statement will be available through our iStatement which includes a link of the Official Statement.   This is sent to the working group and any other email addresses that you provide on your Targeted list.
  8. Let us do the work from here.   You will receive a confirmation email that the electronic version has been sent.   We will NOT notify you again unless we are unable to distribute all emails.
  9. Send us the quantity of printed books needed – Printing of Preliminary and Official Statement – and delivery instructions for the printed material.  
  10. Sleep well – your Official Statement is in good hands.   It will now be posted on our website and available for viewing.   A direct link to EMMA is also just a click away.
  11. For a minimum of 30 days after the offering, MuniDeals will stand ready to print and mail the Official Statement.   The investing public may request copies through our Qualified Portal at no charge to them.   We will in turn provide the deal manager with a record of how many books shipped and who requested the Official Statement.

MuniDeals.com:   The Original Qualified Portal under MSRB Rule G-32

Compliant since July 10, 2009

A Qualified Portal is defined as a website that allows users to see statements online, offers hard copies of the statements to users who request them for up to 30 days, is hyperlinked to EMMA and allows users to search for an issue by CUSIP.   MuniDeals was the first to meet these requirements.

Electronic Distribution Options

Standard Posting:   All bond offerings completed by MuniDeals are hosted on our website at www.munideals.com.

Targeted List:  This list is provided by the client to reach a specified audience.   Everyone on the electronic distribution list will receive an iStatement which includes a PDF link to the Official Statement within an hour of sign off.

Broadcast List:    MuniDeals maintains an updated and comprehensive database of public finance professionals.    We place the Official Statement on the desktop of thousands of qualified buyers.   A Notice of Sale is included for Competitive Bond Offerings.   To be included in this database, just request it when registering on our website.  

Printing of Preliminary and Official Statement

MuniDeals will print on demand the number of books requested by the working group.   We will print as few as one book to several thousand.   Our state of the art digital printing systems ensure that you will not incur a set-up fee, even if only a few books are needed.   This also allows us to provide fast turnaround and lower printing costs than the old printing presses.

Options upon request for printing of books include:

Saddle Stitch or Perfect Bound Books

Color Covers and Backs

Color throughout document

Printing on the Spine of the Book

Originating as a financial printer, the quality of books produced at MuniDeals is paramount.   We take great pride in producing high quality documents and books.   Printed material will ship from our office for overnight delivery unless otherwise requested by the customer.    All packages are tracked for confirmation of delivery.   We will NOT notify the client unless a package is undeliverable.

What is the iStatement?

The iStatement platform is based on the MSRB ruling that Notice equals Access and Access equals Delivery.   Distribution of a Notice is much less expensive; both financially and environmentally than delivering a printed copy of the Official Statement under very tight deadlines.   The iStatement is a Notice that can be used to replace the Official Statement as the document that must be provided to the bond purchaser by the trade settlement day.   

The iStatement informs the purchaser that they can Access the digital version of the document on both the MuniDeals.com Qualified Portal and the EMMA website.   Furthermore, the bond purchaser viewing the document at munideals.com can order a printed Official Statement directly from its Qualified Portal.  

MuniDeals.com applies a process similar to the SEC approved methodology that is used by corporations to supply year-end proxy materials to shareholders.   The process has saved companies thousands in printing and shipping costs by reducing the amount of printed annual reports mailed to shareholders.   Please see proxyprinter.com for further information on proxy disclosure and printing.

As a financial printer, MuniDeals will continue to support the collaborative efforts of the working group and provide printed books to those who request a hard copy.   (See printing of Official Statements) MuniDeals.com acts as the disclosure transmission vehicle of the underwriter to the public in both paper and digital formats.   The digital documents are hosted for public viewing on MuniDeals.com website and the iStatement is integrated into the underwriter’s electronic or paper trade confirmation process.   For a minimum of 30 days after the offering, MuniDeals will stand ready to print and mail the Official Statements individually, as requested through its Qualified Portal at no charge to the investing public.

Other Services include…..

Digital Closing Books – Let MuniDeals convert your closing documents to image files with full text search capabilities using PDF formats, hyperlinked to your Index Page.   We can place it on your choice of storage medium including flash and labeled discs with jewel cases.  

Color Prints – Let MuniDeals provide you with color prints of your marketing material.   Color printing on a press can be costly.   With our state-of-the art printing systems, we are able to produce a high quality product at much more reasonable costs.  

Proxy material and Annual Reports – MuniDeals is able to use similar technology to print year end proxy material and annual reports for corporations.   Please visit proxyprinter.com for more information.