latest muni bond offerings

General Obligation Limited Tax Bonds, Series 2017
(Taxable-Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds-Direct Payment)

latest muni bond offerings

General Obligation Refunding Bonds, Series 2017

Municipal Bond Offerings

We provide access to our most recent Municipal Bond Offerings on our posting page. Here you can search by Issuer, CUSIP Number or State to find specific offerings on our site. For your convenience, we also offer free downloads of full PDF versions of Official Statements.

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About MuniDeals

MuniDeals.com provides a wealth of easy to use services to the municipal finance professional.   We utilize powerful information technology to assemble and distribute Official Statements.   You can choose from a menu of services to better suit your specific offering needs.   MuniDeals.com is The Original Qualified Portal under MSRB Rule G-32.   We offer print-on-demand services with state of the art digital printing systems.

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Customize notification types of new bond issues and choose from method, type, state and sector. Registration will allow you to submit files directly through our site as well as receive notification of new Bond Issues.

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